#MeToo: How to Respond to Sexual Trauma

Me Too

From The Huffington Post:

Many of you have probably seen friends post “#metoo” on Twitter, Facebook and social media. In the wake of recent allegations of multiple sexual harassment and sexual assault per Harvey Weinstein, actress Alyssa Milano suggested people utilize the #MeToo campaign (founded by Tarana Burke) for victims of sexual assault to break their silence and share their stories.

As a therapist who is passionate about the destigmatization of mental health issues, I love that the #metoo campaign is helping survivors of sexual trauma and abuse know that they are not alone. This type of campaign can bring about important awareness of real issues that are often buried in shame and secrecy yet privately haunt all too many who have been impacted. Breaking the silence is an important part of stopping the cycle of abuse and a campaign like this bravely brings voice to the power of social media. The hope is that people will know they are not alone, that help is available and that we must work together to prevent the sexual abuse of women, men, boys and girls.

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