UB STAFF NEWS: November 2020

UB STAFF NEWS: November 2020

UB Founder Joyce Marter

Wins Award

  • Our founder Joyce Marter is receiving an award from the Illinois Counseling Association for distinguished leadership in the counseling profession!
  • Click here to watch the awards ceremony this Friday, November 13th at 6 pm CT. Humanitarian, author, student, lifetime achievement awards, and more will be presented.

Congratulations Joyce!!

Thank you to everyone who worked diligently to complete AND submit their notes in a timely fashion in October! We saw major improvements in reducing the number of notes not submitted, thanks to your continuous efforts and attention. While the contest is now officially over, please continue to take your time when completing documentation and once your submission is done, click “Release” so that it gets submitted to Billing. And last but not least, drumroll…the winners are Sevil Arin and Maria Barrera! Congratulations to you both!!

Notes Tips

The easiest way to see if you have any notes not released in Pimsy is the following:

  • On the left toolbar, click Note List
  • This will show all of your “hanging” notes, as evidenced by the Released column not being checked
  • You can then click on the note number (e.g., T-C-15916-39817) and it will take you to edit the note
  • If needed, don’t forget you can also use the “Search” toolbar to filter notes

W2 Project

We continue to be thrilled to offer you W2 positions. Reach out to Mylissa with questions or to express interest!

Opportunities To Connect

Our consultation meetings are open to all of our clinicians, please attend any of the below consultations, even if the meeting is not with your designated clinical manager.

We encourage you to seek support and connection, check out our consultation schedule, and click each clinician’s name to reserve your spot!

Ashley Hunt ‘Working With Difference’ consultation group:
Wed 11/11 at 2pm CT
Wed 11/18 at 2pm CT

Kelly Couture:
Fri 11/13 at noon CT
Fri 11/20 at noon CT

Kevin Newhall:
Thurs 11/19 at 1pm CT
Tues 11/24 at 3pm CT

Aaron Karmin:
Tues 11/10 at noon CT
Tues 11/17 at 3pm CT
Tues 11/24 at noon CT

Mariko Wiseberg Roberts:
Wed 11/11 at 3pm CT
Wed 11/18 at 3pm CT

Kim McManus:
Thurs 11/12 at 1pm CT
Fri 11/20 at 1pm CT

Jessica Koester:
Mon 11/16 at 3pm CT
Mon 11/23 at 3pm CT
Mon 11/30 at 3pm CT

Molly Reynolds:
Fri 11/13 at 3pm CT
Fri 11/20 at 3pm CT

For all upcoming opportunities to connect, including consultation meetings, check out our Urban Balance staff calendar!

Psychotherapy Networker’s September/October issue provides content and resources on the importance of confronting internalized racism, the impact of historical trauma, and the value of promoting connection and understanding. They are also offering a valuable CEU opportunity focused on engaging in antiracism in the therapy room through conversation. Click here for more. Increasing our understanding of others and ourselves is a critical piece of our clinical work. Let’s keep learning, talking, and doing!

November 21st is International Survivors of Suicide Loss Day

International Survivors of Suicide Loss Day is an event in which survivors of suicide loss unite to find support, understanding, and hope through their shared experience. For loss survivor stories, resources, and ways you can get involved, check out the American Foundation For Suicide Prevention website. There are always ways to connect, support each other, and raise awareness.

November Book Recommendation

Gratitude By Oliver Sacks

In his moving series of essays written after he was diagnosed with terminal cancer, neurologist Oliver Sacks beautifully explores his feelings about gratitude, the uniqueness we each brings to the world, the pursuit of meaning and joy, and coming to terms with mortality.


  • Illinois Counseling Association Virtual Conference. November 12th – 20th. Learn more and register here.
  • Free CE Webinar by Discovery Behavioral Health: It’s Not about the Sex: How Process Addictions Affect Intimacy. Tuesday, November 17th, 11am – 12:30pm CST. Learn more and sign up here
  • CE Event by IPHA: Provider Networking Group Webinar – The Pandemic: An Opportunity for Greatness. Friday, November 20th, 9-11 am CT. For more info and to register, click here

Staff Celebrations

  • Karen Loethen on Nov 1st
  • Jaci Biere on Nov 2nd
  • Allison Steckbeck on Nov 3rd
  • Alison Thayer on Nov 5th
  • Barbara Noonan on Nov 8th
  • Jessica Koester on Nov 26th
  • LeAnne Black on Nov 27th
Work Anniversaries!

1 year

  • Deborah Holladay
  • Michelle Lester
  • Karen Loethen
  • Yana Melnik
  • Emily Phan

2 years

  • Greg Kulik
  • Jordan Wakefield
  • Lacey Watson

4 years

  • Susan Lloyd

10 years

  • Amy Bailey

Our self-pay rates will soon be updated. Please contact our staff for more information.