VERTESS Closes 3 Deals in 3 Weeks

VERTESS Closes 3 Deals in 3 Weeks

FORT WORTH, Texas (October 7, 2020)—VERTESS, a health care mergers and acquisitions (M&A) advisory firm, announced the closing of three dynamic Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (I/DD) service provider transactions in September 2020 in the face of health care upheaval. COVID-19 has proven to be the ultimate contender for providing, as well as accessing health care in the United States. Adaptions are inevitable and have been paving the way to powerful partnerships within the I/DD sector.

A+ Solutions, an Ohio-based educational and psychological provider, was acquired by Refresh Mental Health, Inc., the national clinical leader in providing psychiatric, psychological and therapy services. Will Hartje, Vice President of Corporate Development for Refresh commented, “We are very excited to work with the founders of A+, Oren and Hadassa, to build upon the strong foundation and expand the A+ clinical model of excellence to complement our growing network of outpatient mental health clinics.”

Bell Family, LLC, an Arizona-based home and community based-services (HCBS) provider, was acquired by The MENTOR Network, Inc., a national health care and human services company.

Spectrum Home Healthcare, LLC, an Arizona-based home health care provider, was acquired by The MENTOR Network, Inc., a national health care and human services company.

Rachel Boynton, the Managing Director who represented A+ Solutions, noted, “The deal hit a significant road bump when COVID-19 began, but the owners of A+ were able to quickly pivot their service delivery model and not only recover lost revenue, but increase it.” With regards to Spectrum Home Healthcare, LLC, she goes on to say, “The family (Spectrum) has provided such amazing community-based services, I am excited to see them be able to grow through their integration into The MENTOR Network.”

Dave Turgeon, the Managing Director who lead the sell-side transaction for Bell Family, LLC, stated, “The small providers are often overlooked. I am happy to have helped guide a well-deserving home-health provider to continue their influential reach within their community while reaching end goals.”

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